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OS Vape

OS Vape

OS Vape's recent debut at the German electronic vape expo has drawn much attention and is considered a turning point in the disposable vape market. Previously known for its high-end hookah products, OS has entered the disposable vape market with a ground-breaking device that promises an outstanding vape experience and has a ceramic core.

A Flavourful Journey

To satisfy a wide variety of tastes, OS Vape provides an incredible array of flavors. Every puff is certain to be rich in flavor thanks to OS Vape's blend of sweet, fruity notes from watermelon and peach and tart lemon zest. The delivery of these delicious flavors is improved by the ceramic core technology, which yields continuously smooth and pleasing vapor.

A Vaping Experience for Everyone!

OS Vape serves both beginners and proficient vapers. Former smokers looking for an alternative will appreciate the pleasant throat hit and nicotine satisfaction that OS Vape offers. The device's simplicity makes it suitable for beginners, while the quality and performance are sure to satisfy even the most picky vapers.

Innovative Features

The cutting-edge features of the OS Vape disposable e-cigarettes make it stand out. Every vape has a transparent mouthpiece that makes it simple for users to keep an eye on how much e-liquid is left. Its innovative design offers no unpleasant surprises, and each puff is guaranteed to be just as enjoyable as the first. Because of its convenient design, the vape pen is appropriate for both novice and experienced users.

OS Vape's disposable products have several distinguishing features:

  • Ceramic Core Technology: this invention avoids e-liquid waste while increasing the number of puffs, with some testing indicating up to 920 puffs per device.

  • O Rings and Vapour Production: The ceramic core allows for the generation of dense vapor clouds, which is ideal for individuals who like to perform vape tricks and blow smoke rings.

Excellent Quality and Performance

Because of OS Vape and FEELM's partnership, the product not only meets but excels at standards set by the industry. Utilizing the FEELM Max solution, this device provides an astounding 750 puffs, with real-world performance frequently surpassing 800 puffs.

Compared to conventional cotton core goods, which usually have a maximum puff count of 600, this is a huge improvement. By minimizing e-liquid waste, the ceramic core technology makes the most of each 2 ml liquid capacity.

Competitive Rates and Accessibility

OS Vape makes premium vaping affordable by providing a wide range of users with affordable disposable e-cigarettes. The product's quick success in the market has been made possible by its release into several distribution channels, such as convenience stores, franchise supermarkets, and specialty e-cigarette stores. This broad accessibility guarantees that customers can quickly learn about and enjoy OS Vape's excellent products.

Learn the Art of Vape Tricks

With OS Vape, flavor, and vapor production are well balanced for vapers who enjoy tricks with their vape. The device's steady output enables accurate control, which facilitates mastering skills such as blowing O rings by making a ring-like movement of lips and producing dense clouds of vapor. This feature of vaping appeals to both new and mastered vapers alike by adding a fun and exciting depth to the experience.

How do you blow o's with a vape?

To blow out an o ring, you can learn the following four steps:

Step 1:

Inhale deeply from your vape pen, but do not breathe in. Instead, keep your lips tight and allow the vapor to remain in your mouth.

Step 2:

Stick your tongue down your throat at the back of your throat. With your mouth closed, drag your tongue backward towards the bottom lip. This causes the vapor to migrate to the back of the throat, where it makes room for the O-ring.

Step 3:

Use your mouth to form an "O." At the same time, extend your lips in a manner like to sucking on a lollipop, making the sound "oooh" (as in "boot").

Step 4:

Blow smoke rings by lightly tapping your cheeks. First, keep your lips in a circle, then thrust your jaw forward. A tiny breath is released with a forward click of the jaw, creating a cute little round O-ring in the air.

Which is Preferable, Vaping or Smoking?

Vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, according to numerous studies. This is because e-cigarettes are free of most of the dangerous chemicals found in traditional cigarettes as well as tobacco, which causes cancer.

How Many Teenagers Vape?

8.6% percent of teenagers vape globally.

Which Vape Trick is the Hardest?

The jellyfish is probably one of the most difficult vape tricks to master. After getting the hang of O-rings, you might want to try this stylish technique.

How Many Puffs of Vape is Sufficient?

A good general guideline is to not exceed 150 puffs each day.

Get your favorite OS vape at Heysnus today!

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